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Love folded in paper. A practical application of the millenary art of Origami consists of taking a sheet of paper and bringing it to life by making folds that define not only its form but also its essence.

The idea of Johanna Marcela and Nelson was born from the need to make our society aware of the individual as a starting point capable of enhancing his talent and intelligence through the resources we find around us, a piece of paper, our hands, and of course that infinite power of transformation that resides in every human being, which is in sum all the raw material necessary to achieve the elaboration of true works of art.

The process is ecological, meaning that it respects the environment. Some papers are handmade from natural fibers and others are recycled. It is a 100% artisanal process that preserves the essence of the art "HANDS AND PAPER".



  • SILVER 950
  • Lenght: 5.5 cm - 2,1 po.

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Flor de Clavel - Origami

  • 38.00$

Tags: origami, boucles oreilles